T-Minus 10 Days


The application deadline for the Hong Kong Comedy Competition closes in just 10 days!  With a grand prize of HK$40,000, 3 gigs at top US comedy clubs, it could be your golden ticket to a life in the funny business.

If you’re a first timer, the uninitiated, or have just woken up from a coma, you may be unfamiliar with the comedy festival.  Have a listen to what Jami Gong, the mastermind behind the festival, had to say about the event with 6-time contender Gary Jackson.

Don’t want to compete?  Then make sure to turn out to see some of Hong Kong’s funniest.  Tickets are on sale now.  Check out our calendar and the official Comedy Festival website for full details.

Congratulations TakeOut Comedy on 1000 Shows!

Tonight TakeOut Comedy celebrates it’s 1000th show in it’s 10 year history of operations. A milestone for any venue, let alone the little venue that could!

Owner and ‘comedian-first’ Jami Gong posted the below on facebook this morning in celebration:

TakeOut Comedy Celebrates 1000 Shows in Operation

“Jameson Gong

TONIGHT at 9pm, after 10 years and 6+ years in Hong Kong, we hit a milestone as it is TakeOut Comedy Club’s 1000th Show! All the comedians and I want to THANK EVERYONE that has made this day possible!

Come LAUGH with us as Vivek Mahbubani, Jim Brewsky, Ryan Hynek, Sean Hebert, Anthony Solimini, Big Ben, Nick Milnes, Sam Moorhouse, Garron Chiu, Pete Grella, Diane Huntoon, and I hit the stage!


Big Congratulations to Jami, TakeOut Comedy and all who come out and support the local comedy scene and it’s development across Hong Kong.  We can’t wait to see the 10,000th show celebration.  Don’t stop TakingOut Comedy!


Aziz Ansari In Hong Kong

This weekend Aziz Ansari popped in to TakeOut Comedy Club to check out the local comedy scene.


In Hong Kong shooting a new travel show, Aziz wanted to have a look for himself at the talent Hong Kong had to offer.

The drop in possibility was first announced on Facebook by Jami Gong, owner of TakeOut Comedy, earlier that day. The rumor proved true, making it a night to remember on Elgin Street.


What’s Up Hong Kong? Episode #18 with Jami Gong

Below is a transcript of the What’s Up Hong Kong? podcast’s interview this week with far-east comedy innovator Jami Gong.

What’s up Hong Kong?: Welcome to What’s Up Hong Kong, the show where we tell you what’s going on in Hong Kong this week and meet some of Hong Kong’s most interesting people. I think I forgot to mention in the last episode ‘Kung Hei Fat Choy!’ to all of you listeners out there. Speak HK Network is going to be doing big things in the year of the snake. We’re really getting things kicked off with this episode right here. It’s February 20th and our guest today is Jami Gong, stand-up comedian, owner of TakeOut Comedy Club and TakeOut Entertainment. He’s a stand-up comedy workshop leader and the man who has single handedly done more for Hong Kong- comedy in Hong Kong than any other.  How are you Jami?

JAMI GONG:  that was a pretty mighty intro there.  Very good, Travis.  Thank you for having me on the show.

WUHK?: thank you for joining me here.  Let’s learn more about our guest.  Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

JAMI GONG:  I’m a native New Yorker.  Born and raised in New York City in 1969.  My mother is from Hong Kong.  My dad is from Guangzhou.  And I’m happy to come full circle to bring more laughter into Hong Kong.

WUHK?:  Excellent.  And, uh, what is it that you love about Hong Kong?  What made you stay here? Continue reading

RECAP: The International Hong Kong Comedy Finals 2012

1. Rishi Budhrani 2. Joanna Sio 3. Turner Sparks

The International Hong Kong Comedy Competition 2012

Saturday a month long Comedy Festival ended in a big competition, taking place at the APA Theater in Wan Chai, with a sold out crowd of over 400 people.

10 comedians had secured themselves a spot in the finals, and everybody was ready to show why exactly they should be the winner of 35000 $ HKD , 3 gigs at big comedy clubs in the US, and of course the Take Out Comedy trophy.

Jami Gong

Jami Gong

First man on stage was owner and producer of Take Out Comedy Club
Jami Gong, he spend a couple of minutes talking about the Comedy festival,
and then let Ruben Paul take over for the rest of the show. Continue reading