Podcasts are recorded radio shows that you can download and listen to anytime you want.  Listen to the entertainment being made off-stage by the talented community in Hong Kong.


    The Big Ben Showthe_BBC_show1

    Meet the Entertainers on The Big Ben Show!
    clowns, comedians, jugglers, magicians, party entertainers: Every week Big Ben interviews a professional performer. Lots of tips and funny stories from the periphery of show business!


    Mofos Ice Skating Uphillmaxresdefault

    The Mofos Ice Skating Uphill film podcast consists of free form discussions about the latest Hong Kong releases. The name of our podcast comes from a hilarious crazy line of dialogue from the movie Blade, and it essentially highlights how we want the audience to feel. We analyze the films, joke around, and sometimes go off tangent to talk about random subjects. After five minutes, the listener is scratching their heads going, “What the heck was that?”


    You Cant Sit With UsYou Can’t Sit With Us

    Expect aimless discussions on expat life in Hong Kong, and other nonsense.  A weekly English language program LIVE on Hong Kong’s Lowjoke.com network.  If you love drinking and the conversations that go with it, this is the show for you.