phil-wang-interview-photoPhil Wang is a British comedian, winning the 2010 Chortle Student Comedian of the Year Award and Comedy Central’s Funniest Student Award in 2011. He joins the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow in Hong Kong July 18-24 at the Hong Kong Fringe Club.  Comedy HK caught up with Phil ahead of his Hong Kong return.

What’s the worst you’ve ever bombed on stage?

At an agricultural college in universities.
Farmers in training basically.  Very skilled in their line of work I’m sure, but as far as any intellectual connection went, I may as well have been speaking Swahili.

How do you approach creating and building your festival show?

I don’t really.  I work up new material until around February, then see what I have, then squish it together, and add whatever else it needs.  Hope you enjoy my set!

What adjustments do you make for the roadshow?

Talk less about England, and more about Asia.  I think that makes sense, right?

Describe your favourite audience?
Couples – people on a date are always on their best behaviour.  Young professionals – youth and education tend to give me more to play with.  I know that sounds elitist, but I’m starting to learn that maybe I am a horrible elitist.  I’ve come to terms with that. I think this is what maturity means.

The people who stayed at home – my parents (great people, lousy stand-up audience).

You performed in Hong Kong back in April.  What are you most looking forward to for the return to Hong Kong?

Swinging the back rests on the benches of the Star Ferry.  I fucking love the Star Ferry.  What a beautiful and practical bit of design.  I studied engineering, and the Star Ferry is a rare provider of nostalgia for my lost profession.