BENJAMIN QUINLANBenjamin Quinlan - Hong Kong Comedian

First Performance:  Hong Kong Brew House
Comedy Base:  Hong Kong
Why did you start doing comedy? Can you describe your first time on stage?
I started doing comedy because I was too cheap to buy my own beer. My first time was at an open mic night and I was fortunate not to be booed off stage. Until the second minute. I still got my free beer though!
How do you describe your comedic style?
Chinozzie. That’s half Chinese, half Australian.
When you win the competition, who are the first people you will thank and why?
The first person I would thank has to be my mum for providing me with a lot of stand up material without her even knowing. I love you mum. PS Please don’t lock me out again after my show.
What’s the biggest misconception people have of you?
People always mistake me for an amateur stand up comedian who performs at TakeOut Comedy club most Saturday nights. And that I choose to shave my head.
If you could arrange a dinner with anyone living, dead, or fictitious, who would you invite?
Dinner with Jason Statham. No food. Only beer (courtesy of answer 1). I would like to see if he also chooses to shave his head.
After you conquer the 2015 comedy festival in Hong Kong, what are your next comedic career goals?
I would love to continue being the no-name comedian that opens for other international comedians.
What’s your favorite joke you will NOT be doing in the festival this year?
I’m African American, Jewish and married to a Chinese Jamaican. I’m basically a one-stop-shop for racism! Oh wait, that’s Jim Brewsky’s line.
Lastly – what’s your advice for your competitors in this year’s competition?
May the farce be with you.